Barcos / Boat Lamps

Material: PETG, aluminio, cable, LED
Cliente: Optimus Gli para Hyatt ZIVA Cancún
Año: 2015
Colaboradores: Axel Soto con Gerardo Salinas


A luminous new fleet of boats magically brights a kids room inside a Mexican Riviera hotel, David Vázquez and Puerta Left have proposed an origami LED lighting installation composed of 3 chandeliers based on the iconic paper classic toy.

Besides the paper plane, the boat is probably the most common paper toy you remember trying origami techniques. These boat chandeliers “unfold” memories from your childhood at the same time it lights up creativity, LED technology and fun. Each one is made of 10 boats of 3 different sizes, made of folded PET pre cut sheets, organized by an aluminum base.

They were conceived as boats instead of planes (which might be more obvious for anyone) floating paradoxically on the air as they share the imaginary world of kids, one with no limits and full of possibilities.

boat_5 boat_3